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TECHNICAL FEATURES & FUNCTIONS MACSEIS Functional Products are fueled with Technical Functions and Reinforced Protective Components and Fabrics. Our Polo’s and Sporty Tops are either Physical Quick Dry and or BREATHABLE. Our Design and Fabric Development is not only set to make you look the Business while wearing a MACSEIS Product, its also set to offer you HIGHTECH innovative Products to especially keep you comfortable and dry from any weather conditions. We compose Functional EN343 Categorized 3-Layer Laminated and Bonded Fabrics that are Highly Waterproof and BREATHABLE. Ergonomic Comfort is key in all MACSEIS Products. To achieve highest levels in comfort our Engineers balances all Designs, components, Fabrics and especially high functionality to extract the exact Comfort-Composition for you; - We call this end result ‘Functions in Balance’. MACSEIS DESIGN MACSEIS DESIGN Department draw Ergonomic Comfort Efficiency Safety lines into our Products; - Body Articulated Product shapes, Reinforced Protective Sections and Active-Comfort-Mobility are all ingredients included to ensure your high comfort while wearing MACSEIS Products. MACSEIS understands human interaction in a work environment, as such our Product Designs are particular drawn and developed to optimize human comfort and overall performance while staying protected and mobile at all time also while acting under extreme performances. By following human body-shapes in our Design Lines, articulated shapes and Functionality combined with Active-Comfort-Mobility-MULTISTRETCH Levels results in the extract of extreme high levels of Ergonomic Comfort and offers you benefits that both enhances your well being and minimizes any discomfort. By MACSEIS we pursue a clear Design Concept in our Design efforts. Working to create Products that are Highly Functional, impeccable quality, trendy, comfortable, high-density, protective, extremely sporty and done in a unique color-conform-scheme where you can mix all MACSEIS Products across the Lines to assemble the exact Uniform you wish to wear or that matches your company CI. Our Product Line covers any item possible needed from Administration to Sales to Manufacturing. Our Functional Corporate & Work Wear Product Designs are in line with the trend of time; – ‘traditional work wear’ have no corner with us. Our TECHWISE Product Styles are contemporary and in line with outdoor Functional Fashion – our Functional Work Wear Styles are sporty and leisurely toned. TECHWISE MACSEIS TECHWISE Engineering Department is working to compose Fabrics that are hard wearing while exciting but also balanced, while we work with a set maximum-difference between Waterproof and BREATHABLE levels of only 25%. In many of our compositions we balance the Functions 50/50 and in Fabrics where high levels of BREATHABLE are incorporated, levels of Waterproof are extremely low. Protective Reinforced Fabric Sections are developed in cooperation with acknowledged Fabric Brands or innovatively developed by our own Fabric Designer.

This MACSEIS POWERDRY physical quick dry fabric absorbs perspiration instantly and dries quickly while creating a comfortable coolingeffect. Enjoy a high level of comfort while active and enhance your performance. The POWERDRY Function last for the lifetime of the MACSEIS Product. All bonded MACSEIS Fabrics are Designed and Developed including MULTISTRETCH 2- or 4-way Stretch Levels. In such fabrics our Engineers incorporates Spandex qualities that are high-density and retains shape. In some bonded and none-bonded Fabrics MACSEIS includes what we call a MULTISTRETCH-KNIT, here to our Fabric Designer creates a fabric pattern that makes the Fabric extremely stretchy after finish. This MACSEIS EN343 Functional HIGHTECH Fabric is engineered using DINTEX Technical Membrane in either a 2- or 3-Layer fabric composition. The DINTEX Membrane composes the right level of Functions in Balance to ensure comfort and weather protection in one. The DINTEX Technology retains shape and combines waterproof and BREATHABLE levels for the lifetime of the MACSEIS Product. MACSEIS incorporate Functional PROTECH TPU-Films in its 3-Layer bonded fabrics to balance Waterproof and BREATHABLE levels to your exact comfort. MACSEIS Bonded long lasting Fabrics are soft and smooth and extremely stretchy to offer a high level of mobility while active. MACSEIS seeks to achieve ever-higher functional levels in its Functional PROTECH TPU-Films. This year we developed a 4-way MULTISTRETCH bonded fabric, boosting a BREATHABLE level of 7000g/m2/24hr. All Bonded fabrics are softened using the environmental friendly re-active SOFT GRIP softener, that retains its softness in the fabric with practical no bleeding. All MACSEIS Products are made using only OEKOTEX100 Certified Components, Fabrics and Treatments. Our Fabrics are developed and produced to highest standards in color fastness and are AZO, PFOA and PFOAS free. Our metal components are nickel-free. Our Zippers are from YKK, SBS or YBF. A big part of MACSEIS Engineering Department efforts are constantly to run SGS Tests on batches of components and fabrics supplied to the manufacturing of our Products. Such tests are all run to OEKOTEX100 Standards. By only purchasing OEKOTEX100 Standard Certified components and fabrics MACSEIS ensures that our Products are also produced to EU-Standard and meets PSA Protection Categories. All MACSEIS Products are manufactured in Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Audited factories. BSCI is a supply chain management system that supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within its manufacturing and supply chain. FIND OUR SIZECHARTS ON MACSEIS.COM

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