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Flexfit - werk5 Katalog 2018

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Die gesamte Flexfit Caps Kollektion erhältliche bei werk5 oder direkt unter

product guıde 74 78 95

product guıde 74 78 95 07 13 16 YUPOONG 2018 PRODUCT GUIDE YUPOONG 2018 PRODUCT GUIDE YUPOONG ® ADJUSTABLE Yupoong ® Adjustable, made with only the highest quality of material and perfected over a span of 44 years of hat manufacturing, is an adjustable hat that offers a traditional-yet-stylish look with added comfort. YUPOONG ® SNAPBACK Yupoong ® Snapback is a timeless classic that has been painstakingly crafted over the course of 40 years to be unparalleled in quality, fit, and comfort. The versatility and boldness of this cap is what has allowed it to stand the test of time. FLEXFIT ® The Flexfit ® cap is the original stretchable hat featuring Flexfit stretchable sweatband technology. The all-purpose hat is the perfect blend of comfort and style, whether it be for sports or casualwear. TWO TEN FITTED ® Two Ten Fitted ® , named for its two sizes (S-M and L-XL) fitting a range of 10 standard fitted sizes, is a premium stretchable fitted hat with a pro- baseball on-field shape and a flat visor. The 210 Fitted ® features a hard buckram with a 3 3 /4" crown and a moisture absorbent pro sweatband to accommodate perspiration for athletes as well as urbanites. ONE TEN ® FLEXFIT ® The 110 Flexfit ® , a hat that fits 10 sizes and every size in between, is an innovative twist on classic adjustable hats, featuring the most advanced material and comfort technology while maintaining the same adjustable cap look. The combination of stretchable sweatband and fabric along with an adjustable back allows all areas of the cap to stretch, providing a universal responsive fit. FLEXFIT DELTA ® The Flexfit Delta ® is a lighter, sleeker, and smarter cap which redefines the comfort and convenience of everyday headwear. The hat is made with seamless construction to minimize stitching and has a 3-layer multifunctional sweatband for sweat absorption, stain prevention, and quick drying. Flexfit ® Bond Taping lines the inside of the hat with odor resistant, anti-bacterial, and thermal regulating characteristics. 6 7

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